Scarlett Johansson sings and i like it so much

There is a young actress, very very beautiful i must add, named Scarlett.

Scarlett have in his curriculum some movies (i remember always one of my favorites: “Ghostworld”).

This extremly beauty blonde woman sings too.

His brand new album, “Anywhere I Lay My Head”, is now in the market (and in the www, i must say).

I don’t know what are the opinions of other people about it, but i’m listening it right now and i like it so much. This girl sings as a modern Nico, and the music sounds good too.

When i read this beauty, beauty girl record an album my first though was: -Oh, dear, there is another britney-a-like dancin’ mtv’s bimbo.

Thanks Scarlett, there is something unique.

Anywhere I Lay My Head – Scarlett Johansson

i don’t have the album, and for sure there is many ways to find it, good luck